1. Book room & AV equipment

2. Check catering equipment supplies

3. Ensure participants know about parking & building access

4. Check room access for pre-event set up



1. Post signage on A frame sign at entrance

2. Sign out coffee machine and AV equipment from Room 12

3. Assemble an accurate list of participants

4. Provide a 'meet & greet' person for large numbers of visitors or visitors with special needs

5. At the commencement of your event, advise visitors of housekeeping issues

    • No parking in the grounds
    • Do not use stairs to exit (except in emergency)
    • Advise visitors of the emergency exit procedure

6. Check to see who the next user is & restore room(s)

7. Return all catering equipment to the kitchen & load dishwasher

8. Wash all dishes and put them away, clean up kitchen

9. Return & sign in coffee machine and AV equipment to Room 12



Go here for a list of the caterers who regularly provide workshop and meeting catering for the SRC