1. Australia Post regular daily mail delivery and collection

2. Australia Post bulk mailout collection

Mail Shuttle Fee

All residents pay $290 per year for the daily Australia Post mail service

Australia Post Daily Mail - Incoming

Daily mail arrives at the SRC between 9:00am and 10:00am. The mail is usually sorted by 10:30am, HOWEVER, if this has not happened, feel free to pitch in and help by either collecting the tub from reception and/or sorting the mail for upstairs residents.

Australia Post Dail Mail - Outgoing

All outgoing mail must be placed in a white tub or grey tray. Do not leave loose mail on the floor or on the shelves. Outgoing mail is collected at approximately 4:00pm Monday - Friday.

Bulk Mailouts

White tubs need to be ordered one day prior to your mailout. Call the Preston Mail Centre on 9471 5821 to arrange the drop off of tubs. The collection of a bulk mailout needs to be booked with Preston Mail Centre on the same number. Bulk mailouts will not be collected with the regular daily outgoing mail.

Presentation of Mail for Bulk Mailouts

Lay envelopes FLAT in the white tubs - only up to RECOMMENDED FILL LEVEL (100mm from the top or about level with the bottom of the cut-out handles). Do not stack envelopes on their end.

Mail Shelf

Place all mail tubs/trays on the shelves provided. Do not leave mail tubs/trays on the floor. Please do not stack tubs on the top shelf, place mail in lower shelves. Australia Post has informed us that any mail left on the floor will not be collected.