SRC Building Care & Maintenance

Your Offices

Residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of their own offices - including repairs to any equipment and fittings purchased, such as telephones, computers, printers, air conditioners, window treatments, floor coverings and furniture.  The building's plumber is Mark Malone 0418 325 661 and the electrician is Craig Ware 0412 302 271. General repairs are arranged through Daniher's.

Daily Cleaning

Cleaning for this building is managed by Daniher's Property Services. Daily cleaning takes place from 5:00am - 8:00 am each morning. Daniher's have a schedule of daily, weekly and periodic cleaning duties. Surfaces (tables, benchtops, sinks etc.) will only be cleaned if the area is tortally cleared. They will not touch desks unless requested.

Cleaner's Communications Book

All communication with the cleaners should be entered in the communications book located in Room 8. Use this book to request things like extra restroom supplies for large numbers of visitors (two days notice required) or to communicate any special concerns about cleaning. It is not meant to be a complaints book.

'Spring' Cleaning

Periodic 'spring cleaning' occurs on a needs basis. Windows, carpets and blinds, corridor and meeting room carpets. Cost of this extra cleaning is shared by the residents. Emergency and additional cleaning can always be arranged.

Common Areas

CPTAV will arrange all repairs to common areas. Please report any damage to John Long.


Only the immediate area outside the front door is covered under the cleaning contract. CPTAV has contracted a gardiner to provide regular grounds maintenance on the Palmerston Street side of the building. The cost of this is shared by all residents. There is a broom kept in the storeroom near Room 1 for emergencies during the autumn onslaught of falling leaves.


Close all office windows before leaving the building. If you open a corridor window during the day - make sure to close it before you leave.

Internal Glass

All internal glass has been laminated. Please do not use any kind of tape or sharp object on any internal glass.


Please raise the blinds before opening windows. This will avoid damage. Please don't let the recycling bin lids crash into the blinds.