Fuji Xerox Copier

CPTAV leases a Fuji Xerox copier on behalf of the SRC residents. Each resident has a security code to access the machine. A4 paper is provided. Users must supply all other papers (colours & A3). The 2013 charge is 10c per copy. Users are billed approximately every 2 months.

The Fuji Xerox copier is connected to the building network. You can print directly from your desktop computers. If unsure how to access this service, contact Peter Batchelor, the building's IT consultant on 0425 733 532.

Full Colour or B/W Digital Printing

This service is available through aMuse at competitive prices, see Kevin in Room 8 Ext. 505.


Please follow the links below for Fuji Xerox instructional guides:
(each link provides both a video & slideshow how-to)