Main Entrance Door

The electronic door at the main entrance is the designated entrance and exit point for all SRC residents and visitors. The door will open with your room key from the security call post. Your key can open the door manually in the event of a failure of the electronic door.

The door must NEVER be left open - unless attended by an SRC receptionist or authorised user. There is an electronic switch to hold the door open, see Eden, Jennifer or John. Do not try to prop the door open with any kind of object - this kind of action will damage the door mechanism.

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   Indicate the presence of your organisation on the 'IN/OUT' board.       

If you are the first resident to arrive, disarm the security system by entering your organisation's 4-digit security code and 'OFF'

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alarm lightsedit


Indicate the departure of your organisation on the 'IN/OUT' board. If you are the last resident to leave, arm the security system by entering your organisation's 4-digit security code and 'ON'. If in doubt that you are the last person to leave, make a visual inspection of both floors before arming the building.


Emergency Use of Stairs

In the event of a lift failure, the stairs at the southeast corner of the building may be used to exit the building (next to the SLAV office - Room 1). Do not wander into the school corridor as this floor is on a separate alarm system, which will be activated if you step into the school. The primary method of entering and exiting the building should be via the fornt door and the lift.

If you are expecting a large number of visitors for an event, it is possible to use these stairs, but please clear this with Jane or Julie in the primary school office before using the stairs.


A key register is maintained by John Long in Room 12. Each key is imprinted with a code number. Your key will open your office, the front door and all three meeting rooms. If you require additional or replacement keys, please see Kevin to order one. Keys cost $25 each. A number of people in the building have master keys in the event of a lock out - Kevin Kelley, John Long, Eden Lawrence and Julie Large.