Video Content

The CPTAV website has a wide range of video content.

For residents of the SRC there are How-To and instructional videos to help with all aspects of SRC operations.

For the CPTAV Professional Learning program there are video, Powerpoint and written resources. These are added to the website over the life of the PL program. Video content is also added to the site to help CPTAV members prepare for upcoming activities.

Presenter notes & resources from a range or activities are available here.

Click on the following links for How-To and instructional videos for SRC residents

How to book a room

Managing your recycling

Dishwasher operation

Photocopying - 8 videos covering all functions


Click on the following links for Professional Learning Video Resources

July Workshop

Preparation for the Digital Story Telling Workshop 1 July - Video

May workshop

Preparation for the 21 May workshop - Video