Polycom call person to person

Making a person to person call using the Polycom.                                        To download these instructions as a pdf click here

Before you begin
Contact your remote host school in advance. Arrange the time for the conference call so that they have their unit connected and switched on at their end. Let them know that the Polycom unit at this end is is the Directory as Statewide Resources Centre VC1

Turn on the Polycom.
When the Polycom is ready to go you will see the Place a Call dialogue box in the centre of the screen


Using the arrow down function on the remote select Directory as shown.

Top-of-Remote   Directory

Use the arrow left function on the remote. Select the search box to find a DEECD Polycom.
Example: if you were searching for a school in Mildura you would type M (on the 6 key) and I (on the 6 key)



The M is on the 6 key

The I is on the 4 key


A list of schools with MI in their name will appear. Use the arrow down function to select the school you want.


Press the green call button to connect with the school

you hav selected.