The MLTAV is a professional association for teachers of Languages, and is the umbrella organisation for approximately twenty two Single Language Associations (SLAs) in Victoria.

{mooblock=Read More}In cooperation with its member associations, the MLTAV supports teachers and learners of Languages Other Than English (LOTE) throughout Victoria by providing quality services, including Professional Learning opportunities, advocacy and consultancy. The MLTAV aims to encourage and promote the learning of LOTE as an essential part of the school curriculum.

The MLTAV is an association of LOTE educators in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions, from all sectors – Catholic, Government and Independent. The Association has representation on the Ministerial Advisory Council on Languages other Than English, English as a Second Language and Multicultural Education (MACLEM), and on the Languages Forum. The MLTAV is part of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA Inc.), which is the national professional body representing teachers of all Languages in Australia. The MLTAV also takes an active role as part of the Council of Professional Teaching Associations of Victoria Inc. (CPTAV).{/mooblock}

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