Our meetings are open to all interested staff from CPTAV member associations. You are welcome to attend and share your ideas and knowledge.MAV18 Conference Day1LR 318 

If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to attend an event, contact us to discuss what may be possible.

Upcoming 2019 events:


When Event Notes

Thursday 8th August


Committee of Management meeting  

Thursday 8th August


Networking drinks: Bring a pressing question Join us to network and discuss good ideas, and share your thoughts to avoid bad ones!

Tuesday 17 September


Committee of Management meeting Preparation  for the AGM

Monday 28 October


CPTAV AGM Not going to be as 'dry' as it sounds. Come and join the fun!
Monday 18 November Committee of Management meeting Welcome new members and plan for 2020
Monday 18 November Networking drinks: Bring a pressing question  


Past 2019 Events:

Date Event Notes
Wed 27 February 2019 VCAA and CPTAV Meeting  Victorian Curriculum implementation and Professional Learning
Wed 17th April 2019 Committee of Management meeting and Networking drinks Thanks to those who attended!

Tuesday 7 May, 4.00 - 6.00pm

SPP Professional Learning Network

AEU, 126 Trennery Street, Collingwood

Find out about Webex. Bring stories to share – a professional learning project that failed (and what you learned), and one that succeeded (and why).
Wednesday 19th June VCAA and CPTAV workshop on Capabilities Invitation only to CPTAV member associations.

Friday 12 July

1.00 to 3.00pm

“Good Governance for Professional Teacher Associations”

Followed by networking event.

Free for CPTAV members to attend.